About Plunket

For more than a century Plunket has been giving New Zealand parents the support they need to nurture healthy, happy Kiwi babies.

There are about 175 babies born every day in New Zealand of which they see around 92%. We’re very fortunate to have Plunket, there is no other support service like it anywhere else in the world. They are New Zealand’s largest provider of services to support the health and development of children under five and are dedicated to working with parents and communities to ensure children in New Zealand get the best start in life.

Huggies has supported Plunket for over 14 years and to celebrate we are making 14 TV ads to introduce some of our newest kiwis on national television. Newborns might only be little but their place in our families and communities is huge. These children are the reason we have donated over five and a half million dollars to Plunket since 1996.

Plunket’s services support families nationwide, through more than 420 branches, mobile clinics and a free phone service, PlunketLine – 0800 933 922. With every Huggies