Baby milestones

Baby milestones

Your baby will achieve miraculous developmental milestones during the first few years of their life.

But how do you know what milestones should happen, and when? Did you know that at 2 months your baby should be able to smile? And at 6 months should be able to grasp objects in their little hands? Huggies provides a comprehensive baby milestone guide for all parents as they participate in their children’s development.

Baby development

After your newborn has reached the four-week mark, which in itself is a baby milestone, baby development really cranks up, as junior becomes more alert, bigger, stronger, and more confident with the world. In this section our experts explain the various facets of baby developmental milestones – what to look for, how to tell when your little darling is about to achieve a key milestone and what you can do to gently encourage your little one’s first steps and early attempts at language.

Newborn development

The first few weeks of your baby’s life are so absorbing you may find yourself spending hour after hour just looking at them, studying every movement, memorizing every look and applauding every gesture. So, what is going on with them? Is there much happening during newborn development or is your little one not thinking about much at all and simply going with the flow as they concentrate on breathing, eating and napping? You may find this section especially enlightening if you thought your baby wasn’t up to much when they first arrive.

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