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De-cluttering the kitchen

Your kitchen is a high traffic area and quickly come become very cluttered. In order to de-clutter the kitchen you need to equip yourself with two black plastic sacks, some labels and soapy cloths.

Step 1.

Give your kitchen a basic clean up. This means washing up any dirty plates and cutlery. Wipe down all the surfaces and sweep the floor. That way you will have a clear path in order to work your way through your de-clutter.

Step 2.

Go through every drawer and cupboard. This is the time to bin unused or half empty food containers. Next, get rid of broken or damaged cutlery, plates and cooking equipment. These items can become hazardous and it is better to throw them out than have a potential accident waiting to happen.

Step 3.

Assess your kitchen items. Are there things you have double of or don’t use? Be ruthless and get rid of them. You can always donate them to your local charity or pass them onto friends who can make use of them. This is a quick and relatively painless way to de-clutter your kitchen and create some valuable extra space as well.

Step 4.

Everybody uses his or her kitchen differently and it is important to use the space in a way that is most effective for you. For instance, you may like to have your pots and pans stored under your stove and have your dinner plates stored on a free floating shelf. Work out what works best for you and label spaces accordingly. Make sure there is an allocated space for everything.

If you have large bulky items that you don’t use often, maybe find a space to store them outside your kitchen. This may give you back some much-needed extra cupboard or drawer space as well. By labelling items then everyone in the household will know where you expect things to be returned to after use as well.

Group like-minded objects together such as herbs and spices. Put dry products such as flour and rice on the same shelf and have a separate space for liquid items such as sauces and oils. In the unfortunate event of a spill you will have less damage to clean up as well.

Step 5.

Your kitchen bench top can become cluttered with everything from house keys through to newsletters and leftover dishes. It’s also the place for food preparation so it is important to minimise clutter for hygiene reasons. The key to keeping this space de-cluttered is to allocate a space for everything.

Top kitchen bench top de-cluttering tips:

  • Install a hook for storing keys. By doing so the keys are less likely to be dropped on the kitchen bench-top.
  • Install a tray for storing correspondence. Instead of dropping mail on the bench-top encourage people to put it on the tray. Set up a daily system of going through and sorting the mail and binning any junk mail as well.
  • Clear dishes after every meal. It’s basic hygiene to do this but it also saves kitchen space if meals are cleared away regularly.
  • Install a shelf for storing cook books and recipes when not in use. It’s surprising how much space these can take up and it will make the de-cluttering of the kitchen much simpler to do if they are stored up high.