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I am a bit confused about the safety of meat for toddlers

I am a bit confused about the safety of meat for toddlers. Are sausages safe? I heard they can be a cause of food poisoning. Also is ham and other such cold meats like pressed chicken and corned beef safe for, say 1 year olds, to eat?

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Good question. Generally in terms of hygiene and processed meats it is fine, you do need to ensure if they require cooking such as sausages that they are very well cooked. However, the issue that is raised is more in relation to the health of these products.

Sausages are classed as an `extra` food as they are notoriously high in fat and trans fats and often other unwanted compounds. Ham is generally very high in sodium and many of the packaged hams have a reasonable array of additives. Most processed meats would be similar.

You can`t beat the fresh stuff, even if you pay the extra in the deli section and get the good quality meats that aren`t processed. Some gourmet sausages are reasonable and sausages once in a while for dinner can be nice.

So its not that you cant offer them just that it is good to opt most often for the good stuff.

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Answered: 22 Sep 2008