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Is he getting enough calcium and how should I ensure he is not waking hungry?

Hi Leanne
I have a 13mnth old boy who has always refused the bottle. I dropped the night time breast feed at 12months (and the morning breast feed last week). To give him his calcium I give him a tub of youghurt every day, cheese and make him smoothies a couple of times a week, which he loves drinking from his sipper cup. He also love rice bubbles and milk. The problem is since I dropped the night time feed he`s starting waking between 5.15am and 6 (whereas he used to sleep till btwn 7 and 8, and I think he might be waking coz he`s hungry. The problem is I can`t get him to drink milk from his sipper cup at all. I`ve tried cows milk, formula, milo, vanilla essense in his milk, hot milk, cold milk etc but he just throws the cup away or point blank refuses.

I am worried about two things - is he getting enough calcium and how should I ensure he is not waking hungry? Should I worry about getting him to drink milk?

Answer: Hi There, It sounds to me that you are going just fine and calcium isn`t an issue. It isn’t all that uncommon that toddlers simply refuse to drink milk, especially compared to breastmilk it has a weird taste, smell and texture. There are thousands of children who don’t drink milk at all and for lots of reasons but do just fine. I am a huge fan of smoothies, they are a great way to include many things. On this point you might like to try the smoothie at the end of the day, say as a supper, the protein will make him feel full longer and he may sleep through as he used to. Also consider trialing your toddler on an alternative `milk` such as soy, almond, rice etc. Just ensure the brand you get is calcium-enriched and if it is soy that it is made from whole soy beans. On the calcium, you will be surprised how easy it is to fulfill calcium needs, and with what you are offering each day it is very likely you are covering that base well. I have a tip sheet on Huggies on weaning and cows’ milk, it explains how much milk toddlers need in order to reach their daily serving and RDI of calcium. The link is: Milk Intake I hope that is reassuring, you really sound like you are going great. Cheery oh, Leanne
Answered: 15 May 2009