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My 3yr old has just started suffering from migraines

my 3yr old has just started suffering from migraines. i know how painful they are as i too suffer from them. but i have never heard of a 3yr old having them. i was wonderingif it could be an allergy to a certain food product. do you have any ideas??????

Answer: Hi There,
Oh I sympathise, its hard enough when it is you but when its your little one…

I have to admit I haven`t had experience with such a young one with migraines. I think its reasonable to consider allergies, as they can cause inflammatory responses which can affect blood supply including to the brain.

There are a couple of routes to determine what may be happening. You could go down a less invasive but potentially longer process of visiting a nutritionist, naturopath or dietitian who specialises in children and using a dietary techniques you can determine if there are any food compounds causing a reaction.

Or you could jump straight to allergy testing. You will need to have your GP refer you to a unit or a paediatrician who can then book you in for testing.

Keep in mind that this is assuming it is an allergy, we can have food reactions that don`t involve the immune system and so wont be detected this way.

I would recommend starting with the former, it will also get some helpful info along the way so overall the process will be a positive experience.

I hope that helps.

All the best,

Answered: 08 Apr 2009