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The Huggies Team

Meet The Team

As you can well imagine, many people and in fact many different work teams are dedicated to making Huggies products the best that they can be. Here is just a little bit about each of the teams as well as a few photos. We hope you enjoy meeting us.

Market Research and You

Market Research Team

Ongoing market research is the key to our success in creating products that are relevant to today’s parents and babies. Talking to you on a regular basis in our research groups and listening and acting on comments that you provide to us, enables us to respond to market expectations and in most cases to exceed them.

Our Market Research team and in fact the entire marketing team spend hours and days talking to Mums and Dads in research groups and the wider community so that we can truly understand the needs and expectations of today’s parents.

The Product Development Team

Team ProductDev

This small team perform such an important role. It is their job to take your feedback and suggestions about what you as a parent want to see in our products and turn it into a product. With all the years of experience between them they come up with some pretty good ideas of their own. Their goal is to exceed your expectations every time, with every product and product change.

Although the team work hard in the office on the design of our nappies, they also spend a lot of their time out at our manufacturing plants ensuring that our high expectation are met and high standards are maintained.


HuggiesTeam manufacturing

Our manufacturing teams work around the clock, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to ensure that Huggies Nappies are available for all babies when they need them. Our main manufacturing plant is in Sydney and this plant employs 311 employees. Our production team are made up of people from all walks of life who work extraordinarily hard to maintain the high standards that you have come to expect from our Huggies Nappies.

The Marketing Team

Team Marketing

The Huggies marketing team put together the TV commercials you see, advertisements in magazines, the Huggies website and all the Huggies promotions and special offers. At any point in time this team is made up of around 10-12 people who make work a wide variety of flexible working arrangements. Many are mums who either job share or work flexible hours and days. In fact we have 10 children between us and a few on the way (and that doesn’t include all of our nieces and nephews). Our children range in age from newborn through to primary school age. As a group of people who are working together to bring you the best baby products possible, we’re a fairly committed bunch – because like all of you all we want is the best for our babies too.


Team Sales

Our Huggies sales team work together to coordinate and bring to you the products that everyone before them has worked so hard to develop. They spend hours in the supermarkets and pharmacies you shop in. In fact you may have already bumped into one of our sales representatives in your local grocery store rearranging stock on the shelf or building large displays of Huggies nappies.

The sales team works towards ensuring that the Huggies range is available in convenient locations for sale both in grocery stores and pharmacies around the country. They monitor stock levels and ensure that the most recent product improvements, promotions and giveaways are on display and available for our mums and dads.