Make time for Hugs

Plunket's Vision

Of the 169 or so babies born in New Zealand every day, Plunket see around 156.

There is no other support service like Plunket anywhere else in the world. For more than a century, they have been New Zealand’s largest provider of services to support the health and development of children under five. They are dedicated to working with parents and communities to ensure children in New Zealand get the best start in life.

That’s why HUGGIES® has partnered with Plunket for over 20 years and donated over $8 million to help support mums and their babies at such a crucial stage of life.

Make time for hugs

Hugs are a powerful way to let babies and children know they are safe and protected.

A hug is the best way to show a child that they are valued and loved, and that someone is there for them. It’s also a crucial part of helping them to adjust and adapt to the world in which they are born. This is the power of hugs that Huggies Nappies and Plunket believe in, and we encourage families to make plenty of time for them.

Our TV Ad on the importance of Hugs

Make Time for Hugs TV Ad
A message from Plunket

What mums have to say about hugging their little ones

Jandia Alison
Carly Juhasz
Tanya Promma

The Second Hug is just as important

HUGGIES® products are proudly endorsed by Plunket. They continue our joint commitment to providing the very best “change time” care for mum and baby, from newborn right through to toilet training.

The Hugs Plunket Provides to Kiwi Mums and Babies

For both HUGGIES® and Plunket, birth is just the beginning of our support for the precious journey to a fifth birthday. We stand proudly behind our newest New Zealanders.

Plunket’s services support families nationwide, through more than 420 branches. Plunket nurses do clinic visits, mobile clinics and PlunketLine – a free telephone advice service phone 0800 933 922.

Plunket offers:

  • Local community services and activities with other families in many areas
  • Regular coffee groups and parent groups with other new mums
  • Parenting education
  • Toy libraries
  • Regular home visits from a Plunket nurse who will listen and respond to concerns, and advise on health issues, including:
    • Feeding
    • The best sleep position for your tot
    • Safety in and around the home
    • Immunisation

Give Plunket a Hug

Plunket is a registered charity. All services are a result of the generous support of many individuals. You can donate to Plunket by following the link below.

If you feel you want to give back to the community, there are many exciting ways you can get involved with Plunket, from organising parent groups to running playgroups, music groups or toy libraries. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents in your area, get involved in your local community and maybe even learn some new skills or use your existing professional skills to help other families.

If you would like to help contact your local Plunket office or sign-up at the Plunket website. No long-term commitment is required.

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