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Charities We Support

Parents Centres New Zealand Inc.

Parents Centres New Zealand Inc is the leading provider of childbirth education, parent education and support services to New Zealand parents. Parents Centres manage 50 Centres and have 120 fully qualified parent educators working nationwide.

Parent Centres around the country vary in the services and programmes they offer, including:

  • Childbirth education: early pregnancy education and childbirth education refresher courses
  • Parent education: including: “Baby & You”, “Moving & Munching”, “Music & Movement”, “Tinies to Tots”, “Parenting With Purpose”, “Magic Moments” as well as other specialised courses primarily driven by local needs
  • Parent support: the opportunity to learn from other parents in areas such as infant massage, breastfeeding support, caesarean birth support, friendship, coffee groups to discuss topics such as toilet training and toddler behaviour, playgroups, fathers? groups, and telephone support.
  • Libraries with parenting books and children’s toys
  • Car seat rental
  • General interest courses in some Centres such as aromatherapy, creative play, fertility awareness, and much more!

Parents Centres membership is great value!

The range of membership benefits include:

  • Access to a wide variety of discounted local parent education programmes
  • Access to antenatal (childbirth) classes
  • A one year subscription to New Zealand’s leading parenting magazine – Kiwiparent (6 issues – $30 value annually)
  • A variety of exclusive discounts through baby and parent suppliers
  • Discounts at local Parents Centre activities
  • Helpful news and information throughout pregnancy and the preschool years
  • Monthly newsletters from local Centres informing of what is happening in your local community
  • Invaluable parental support and friendships
  • Volunteering opportunities enabling members to make a difference in your local community
  • The ability to attend Parents Centres events nationwide and influence decision makers

How do you become a member?

In some Centres an annual membership fee is included as a package along with other parent education services.

To make membership enquiries with the Parents Centre closest to you (and at the same time find out about parent education programmes and membership packages in your area) click here .

To make a general enquiry about joining Parents Centres simply fill out this online form

Parents Centres Volunteers

Parents Centres volunteers are hugely valued and make enormous contributions to their local communities.

Find out how to volunteer for Parents Centres New Zealand Inc and make a difference to your local community.