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Eye bright awards

The Eye Bright Awards

At Huggies we know how much Plunket’s work is appreciated in communities around New Zealand, and we think it needs to be recognised publicly as well. So each year Huggies teams up with Wattie’s and Plunket to run the Eyebright Awards. Since 2003, the Eyebrights have been awarded each year to exceptional Plunket people, helping celebrate a history of Plunket dedication that now dates back 100 years!

What are the Eyebright Awards?

Star sponsors Wattie’s and Huggies, in partnership with Plunket, founded the Eyebright Awards in 2003. Since then, the Eyebright Awards have evolved into an annual form of public recognition for exceptional Plunket teams. The Awards recognise the outstanding contribution Plunket teams make to New Zealand families and communities, and are supported at the highest level, formerly by Helen Clark and now by Prime Minister John Key.

Why are Huggies and Wattie’s involved in this initiative?

The Eyebright Awards are an opportunity for Watties and Huggies to honour the role Plunket plays in New Zealand life. There are over 32 collective years of partnership between Plunket, Huggies and Wattie’s. The two brands are delighted to be able to tangibly support their relationship with Plunket, through the Eyebright Awards.

What are the categories?

Category 1: Working Together
This award looks for a team that has demonstrated how they have co-ordinated and worked together across Plunket, utilising their individual skills to deliver exceptional results for Plunket, families or for their community.

Category 2: Innovation
This is awarded to a team that has developed an innovative solution, opportunity or way of working to deliver better service to families, the community or Plunket.

How are teams nominated?

The Eyebright Awards are advertised nationally within Plunket every year. Teams can be nominated by anyone within Plunket and can be self nominated and each application is supported in writing by advocates.

What are the prizes?

The winning teams travel to Wellington where a special presentation will be held at Parliament in front of the Prime Minister. Each winning team is presented with a framed plaque and each team member receives a personalised certificate.

The community also stands to benefit as the winning teams will each receive a grant of up to $1500 towards an approved project that benefits the children and families in their community.

Have the Eyebright Awards always been team awards?

To encapsulate Plunket’s ‘Better Together’ philosophy in its Centenary year, the 2007 Eyebright Awards became team awards. Prior to 2007 there had been individual awards, team awards and volunteer awards. In 2007 it was decided that the Eyebright Awards would be exclusively team-focused, recognising exceptional teamwork in two categories.

How were the Eyebright Awards named?

The Eyebright Awards were named after New Zealand’s Eyebright flower T’t’mako which flourishes in a variety of terrain and conditions. T’t’mako flowers in February and can be seen in full bloom in New Zealand’s mountains and alongside our rivers.

To find out more, including how to send in your nomination, visit the Plunket website