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Our commitment to organisations in your community is of great importance to us. We believe that it is our responsibility to support those organisations that support you.

Huggies is proud to be a supporter, associate or partner of the following organisations.



Plunket is regarded by many New Zealanders with a great deal of affection. Most of us have started life with care from a local Plunket Nurse. Huggies Nappies and Baby Wipes are the only products in the nappies and wipes categories respectively that are endorsed by Plunket. Huggies is proud to work with Plunket to promote the best care for babies.

Parents Centre

PCNZ logo

Since 1999 Huggies have sponsored Parents Centres New Zealand and Huggies are delighted to have the opportunity to support parents by providing information both before and after the birth of their baby.

NZ College of Midwives

NZ College of Midwives

The New Zealand College of Midwives (NZCOM) is the professional organisation and recognised ‘voice’ for midwives in New Zealand. NZCOM represents over 2000 members and works in partnership with maternity consumer groups and individual women to ensure high quality maternity and midwifery services in New Zealand. Huggies currently sponsor the NZCOM website and provide samples of nappies to midwives upon request.

Multiples NZ

Multiples NZ logo

Multiples NZ is concerned with the well-being of multiple birth children and their families. Huggies Nappies are pleased to help provide assistance to multiple birth families by providing a complimentary box of Newborn nappies upon the birth of your babies when you join up with your local Multiples NZ association.