Toddler Toilet Training

Ready, Set, Go!

So you have a feeling that your child is ready to start toilet training. They may be using the words wee or poo, and can recognise the urge, and the difference between wet and dry.

Your toddler may be doing all, a few or none of these things but in the end it’s up to you to notice your child’s behaviour and when it’s time to get down to business! So, to get ready…

Preparation is Key

Before you get too far ahead of yourself, it’s time to get prepared. Make sure you have an idea of what is required and what toilet training is about.

We recommend downloading and reading our Toilet Training guide, as well as looking at our toilet training products and toilet training tools area. Making sure you have a process, tools and products to support you are important for success.


When you think the child is ready, consider using toilet training pants such as Huggies Pull Ups, to introduce the concept of pulling underpants up and down to your child.

And lastly, if your toddler throws a tantrum or refuses to go near a potty or toilet, don’t give up. It just might not be the right time for your toddler so make sure you show empathy towards your child and keep a positive attitude towards toilet training them.

Success Will Come Sooner Than You Think!

Enthusiasm on your part, and encouragement towards toilet training your toddler will have the both of you on the road to toilet training success in no time! If you use the right toilet training products, sooner rather than later your toddler will be a big kid and doing all of this on their own, and you won’t even have to worry about it.

If you feel your toddler’s ready to start toilet training, perpare yourself with the right toilet training products