Pregnancy care

Pelvic floor exercises

There is no doubt that having a toned, fit pelvic floor will make your life more comfortable.

Pelvic floor exercises reduce the likelihood of having a uterine or bladder prolapse, and improve pregnancy and delivery with a quicker recovery time. We have a range of information for you to view on pelvic floor exercises and also a pelvic floor exercise video.

Sleeping during pregnancy

Getting a good night’s sleep during your pregnancy can be hard.

There are bound to be nights where you just can’t fall asleep, we have some simple guidelines and tips that can help you adapt to your changing body during pregnancy.

Pregnancy nutrition

A pregnant woman’s metabolic rate increases and her body becomes much more efficient at utilising the nutrients in her diet.

Here are some guidelines for an overall healthy and nutritious diet with all the right vitamins, minerals and recommended daily intake of fruits, vegetables and meats.

Maternity bras

There are many different styles of maternity/nursing bras.

We go take you through the entire maternity bra selection process – from what to look for in a maternity bra, to how to fit one, and even some frequently asked maternity bra questions.

The stages of early pregnancy

The nervous 2-minute home test wait is over. Then your doctor confirms it: you are pregnant. Congratulations!

The early pregnancy part of your baby’s gestation can be an anxious time, especially for first-time parents. Huggies is pleased to provide you with support, assistance, and information.