26 Weeks, and it’s Twins!

Twin baby boys

Our story starts in 2002 when we decided it was time to start a family, after 2 years of trying and no success we decided to find out what exactly was wrong. To cut a long story short we found out that it was almost impossible for us to conceive naturally so after careful consideration and assessing the bank balance we booked ourselves in with our local IVF clinic in June 2004 for a procedure known as ICSI. This is where they take your eggs, fertilise them and put them back, this was going to be the most successful course of action for our fertility problems. We had discussed with our Dr how many eggs we would like implanted. “Two eggs give you more chance of Twins however two eggs will also give you a better chance of success”, was the answer I was given by him. I questioned whether the cone biopsy I had had on my cervix a few years previous for pre cancerous cells would be a problem and he assured me that all was OK, after careful consideration we decided two eggs would give us a better chance on our first cycle.

After the Pills, disgusting nasal spray, self injections and a reasonably painless operation I arrived on the 28.10.04 to have the best two fertilized eggs transferred. Two weeks later (the longest two weeks of my life) I received the call I had been waiting for, we were delighted to find that our cycle had been successful and that I was pregnant, we could not believe our luck, to conceive on our first cycle was amazing, the next question was how many eggs had taken? We had to wait a further two weeks for our first scan but blood tests during that time had revealed very high levels which suggested Twins. Twins it was; we were so happy when the radiologist told us that there were two strong heart beats and that all looked well. After a couple of days the excitement turned into worry, how would I cope with two babies, how would we manage, how could we afford it? My Husband was the voice of reason, he reassured me that all would be OK to stop worrying and enjoy my pregnancy, and I did; well for a short while anyway!

I had some mild spotting at 8 weeks, which at the time was of no real concern to the Doctors as there did not seem to be any indication of a bleed on the scans so I went about life as a normal pregnant woman itching to tell the world our happy news but waiting for that magic number 12 before we told anyone as IVF pregnancies are high risk at the best of times, without the added drama of Twins! My OBGYN had discussed the need for a cervical suture as the previous cone biopsy in conjunction with the Twins could cause issues down the track (that was something the IVF doctor had not mentioned), the surgery was scheduled for the 15 weeks mark.

At our 12 week NTS scan we found out that all looked good, we decided to tell all our friends as the secret keeping was killing me, as soon as I started to tell people the trouble started! We had gone out to dinner to farewell my parents who were about to move to Tasmania to retire (bad timing) I had been feeling terrible all day and was feeling very nauseated at dinner not eating much at all, a trip to the bathroom revealed I had started to hemorrhage, not something you would normally discuss over the dinner table and as you can imagine the farewell dinner took an atmosphere dive when I broke the unhappy news, off to Emergency we went and yes I was threatening to miscarry, it was a terrible time emotionally not knowing was the hardest thing. I was so sad; sadness I had never felt before, a feeling I was to become very accustomed to in time to come.

Luckily the bleeding slowed down and after I had spent five days at the local hospital I was sent home for a further weeks rest before I could return to work.

All was OK for a while. I had cut my hours at work down to just three days and was taking it easy. My Dr. cancelled the cervical suture as he was concerned this would only add to our problems so we were counting the weeks down as he was concerned that I would not make it past 26 weeks. At our 18 week scan we found out that we were having Fraternal Twin Boys, as you can imagine my Husband was extremely happy, as was I, all my life I had this feeling I would have Boys, it just felt so right!

At 22 weeks I woke on one of my days off, went to the kitchen for a drink and felt a trickle down the inside of my leg, it was nothing really but enough to make me think had my waters broken or did I just wet myself? I called the Dr. who asked me to come in, he had a look reassured me all looked fine, but just to be on the safe side another ultrasound was in order. I went down to Radiology and was checked out, both babies were fine, strong heart beats, good growth and the membranes appeared to be intact BUT my cervix was open, now I have never had a Baby before but that didn’t sound good! The Radiologist did not seem overly worried about it and told me she would report this to my doctor and that if there was anything to be concerned about someone would call me, so I thought I should waddle down to the Dr. office and leave a message just in case no-one bothered to tell him, I left a message with the Secretary and I headed home.

I called my Husband on my way home and discussed my craving for Cheese on Toast for dinner and that I would be home soon. As soon as I hung up the phone rang, it was the Dr. urging me to return to the hospital that he needed to discuss the scan with me. This didn’t sound good, but I was still optimistic! I called Hubby, explained what I was doing and told him to put the cheese on toast on hold for an hour or so, I would be home a little later; how very wrong I was. I arrived at Maternity expecting a conversation with the Dr. and I would then be on my way. Instead I was met by a Nurse who told me that I was to be admitted. I was asked to lie down on the bed not to get up for anything and that the Doctor would be here soon to examine me. She advised that I was to have emergency surgery to put a suture in my cervix. WHAT THE??? It went from “all looks OK” to Surgery all in a matter of an hour! The Doc arrived at 6pm to examine me, and by 8pm I had been operated on and was back in my room, needless to say, Cheese on toast was cancelled! Surgery went well and both Boys were OK, I spent a few days in Hospital recovering and under observation, everyday I cried and cried, all I could think about was how far we had come and if something was to happen now, that I would lose my boys. I was sent home and ordered to have complete bed rest from then on.

At 25 weeks plus 6 days I was again spotting. This time I felt really unwell. I was booked in for an ultrasound that day, it showed the boys were fine all normal and my cervix was still closed, but it was back to Maternity for another three day stay just to keep an eye on me as I really did not feel well. I had been having these strange tight feelings, mild period pain and heart palpitations for months but the Dr. reassured me it was just Braxton Hicks and not to worry. If there was no real pain involved then it was nothing, but they were getting more frequent. No one seemed really at all bothered by them, even though they were

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