Listen to your instincts! Not doctors, by Deanna8487

I had a 12hr drug free spontaneous delivery with my first baby. Baby number two was due April and due to medical problems, the hospital obstetrician decided to make me go to the hospital to deliver even though I wanted a homebirth. My labour started with a tiny cramp, no more than a period cramp. My waters had been leaking since 2am so I was due to be admitted for antibiotics at 5pm that afternoon. After two hours and maybe three cramps I got a huge contraction, then another one in 2mins, then another one. Then I wanted to push! I spent the next 10mins trying not to push as my partner dragged me to the hospital as per doctors orders, when all I wanted to do was stay home! My daughter was crowning in the car as I was dragged into a wheelchair and onto the bed and they just caught her head!!

Trust your instinct in labour! You know what is okay for you and what is not. It would have been much safer for me to stay home and deliver baby in peace, rather than almost in the car and trying to keep her inside me!

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