Baby skincare

Baby skin care

It’s amazing how soft and pure your baby’s skin can be, so it’s no wonder it needs gentle care. Bub’s skin can easily be damaged by dryness and the harsh effects of the sun. Try and build a baby skincare routine of both sunscreen and a gentle moisturiser into your day to keep your baby’s skin well protected at all times.

Protection from dry skin and eczema

Many bubs, and adults for that matter, suffer from dry skin and eczema. In most cases dry skin and eczema can be managed by using natural body washes, watching the bath temperature and following your bath with gentle moisturising skincare products. A natural organic diet which includes some healthy oils can also help. Take a look at our baby eczema page for more information and tips on managing eczema. If you are concerned about your babies skin you should talk to your doctor or health care professional immediately.

Protection from the sun

Protecting bub’s delicate skin from the sun’s harsh rays is the most important baby skincare step you can take. Taking bub out of the hot midday sun and making sure they are well covered by protective clothing and a hat will go a long way to protecting their skin. Using a broad spectrum sunscreen is also important for parts of the body which cannot be covered up such as little hands and faces. Take a look at baby sun protection for more tips on caring for bub’s skin in the sun.

Protection from nappy rash

Nappy rash is a common condition thought to affect up to one in three nappy-wearing bub’s at any given time. It causes your baby’s skin to become sore and irritated where the nappy usually fits, can also cause red patches and blotches. Nappy rash is usually caused by your baby’s skin coming into contact with all those nasty things that usually sit in their nappy.

For more information see Baby Health Care or Baby Care.

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